Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft

Today Microsoft announced that Satya Nadella will be the new CEO of Microsoft following Steve Ballmer who announced last year to retire in 2014. With that, Satya asked Bill Gates to step back in, but with a different hat on -no not that hat– but as “Technical Advisor focusing on products and technologies”.

Instead of me telling all of this to you, it is probably better to let the board speak for itself and show you the official announcements as available on YouTube.

Steve Ballmer welcomes Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO

Microsoft Chairman John Thompson on CEO Satya Nadella

Bill Gates welcomes Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO

All great, these kind words and praise for the man, but what did he have to say for himself? Well, here is his first (short) interview as CEO of Microsoft:

In fact, I have met him (at a distance Glimlach ) earlier last year and the year before when he did his Keynote for the //Build conferences for the years of 2012 and 2013 in the role of President, Server and Tools Business.

Who would have expected that today he would be CEO of this huge worldwide company? Let’s see how he will do in the near future and how it will affect the current policies at Microsoft.

Showtime: La Grande Bellezza

La Grande Bellezza

The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

La Grande Bellezza (“The Great Beauty”) is a piece of art, the sceneries, panoramas or just the way it was filmed as a whole is just great. The story is about Jep Gambardella turned sixty-five and is overlooking his life trying to decide if his life had the quality level he wanted out of it, would he be able to write a new book worth reading meeting the quality bar. He once wrote a book and was successful with that one but lived his life after that as a highly respected journalist.

The images of Rome, the nightlife of nightclubs and parties and all of the extravaganza around it all is a joy to look at. The category of the film may be Film Art (and Art it is!) but is not the kind of movies stamped to be dull and boring. In fact I gladly surprised and even though the movie is not for ‘everyone’ on my list it proved to be a Great Beauty and allow it to get Nine out of Ten at least for being something completely different.


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