Software News and Events for Week 33

SDN Cast

Another week of webcasts and tech news. This is week 33 and here is the news we discussed in our Dutch SDN Cast covering the latest news on software development and side information related to that for this moment in time.

Where is our Dutch SDN Cast to be found?

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News of the week

Google is killing off Hangouts on Air in September

Hangouts On Air moving from Google+ to YouTube Live

Introducing the UWP Community Toolkit

Announcing NuGet 3.5 RC

Introducing the .NET Framework Monthly Rollup

Fewer Visual Studio Sign-in Prompts

Announcing HTTP/2 support for all customers with Azure CDN from Akamai

Customer segmentation and push notifications: a new Windows Dev Center Insider Program feature

Project Spark ended this week

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux


Events Last Week

Visual Studio Live 8-12 Augustus – Redmond

Recordings are to be found on Channel9

Upcoming Events

Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Augustus 27th

SDN event – September 2nd – Zeist, The Netherlands

Fixxup – 22 September – Utrecht, The Netherlands

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd, The Netherlands

TechBash – September 28-30 – Pennsylvania, USA
CodeUUR World record – October 14th, The Netherlands

Demo context:

In the SDN Cast Demo we tried to get an old .NET Forms application to be ported to .NET Core by switching out the backend using Entity Framework Core and existing databases. This didn’t go all that smooth but got it to work in the end showing the principle of how to get your hands on it and show what kind of issues you can run into doing this.

Here is a link we used to get us in the right direction:
Entity Framework Core – Existing Database


About Maarten van Stam
I'm a Software Engineer, working at one of the top 3 accounting firms. Technology watcher, always looking for news and trends on technology. Received 13 Microsoft MVP Awards.. "My work is my hobby/my hobby is my work" - so you can find me almost at any time near a computer. If I'm not there it's most likely that I spend my time with my family - wife (undisclosed ;-) ), daughter (15) and son (13).

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