SDN Event: Ted Neward – Busy Developer’s Guide to NodeJS

SDN EVent - Ted Neward II

Last Sunday we published the third recorded session from our October SDN Event. It was the second session by Ted Neward titled “Busy Developer’s Guide to NodeJS”. If you (still) don’t know Ted, more reason to watch, he’s a real storyteller and has no problems to hold your attention for the full hour. A joy to listen and learn at the same time.

Where to watch


The circle, as they say, is complete. JavaScript underwent a significant shift in thinking recently, from a "browser-only" language to a language that’s increasingly seen as a server-side execution system. In some cases, a JavaScript engine is embedded inside a larger server program, such as what we see with different NoSQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB), but now, with the increasing popularity of NodeJS, as a server itself. In this presentation, we’re going to take a hard look at NodeJS, from installing it through using it write a variety of different server programs. No longer is JavaScript just a user-interface tool.

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SDN Event: Bill Ayers – Welcome to the Brave New World of SharePoint and Office 365 Development!


Second session in our series of October SDN Event recordings we released the first presentation by Bill Ayers from the event where he informs you about the evolution of SharePoint and Office 365 Development and where we are today with regards to these products.

Where to find:


If your software development journey ever took you into the dark misty forest that is SharePoint development, there are two possibilities: you became a SharePoint developer or (more likely) you vowed never to go there again because of the dragons. But the forest is changing, the dragons are slain (mostly), and there is a new world of SharePoint and Office 365 development. Instead of building full-trust solutions that run in-process on the SharePoint server, we are moving to a model of client-side or remote-server development using a variety of technologies. Starting with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 we have REST endpoints to support the rich client-side solutions our users want. In this talk we are going to see how far we can go using JavaScript and client-side development for Windows, web and mobile applications, and using ASP.NET MVC and other web development platforms. It’s time to take another look at SharePoint and Office 365 development. We can build sophisticated solutions that take advantage of the powerful back-end services that deliver business solutions through websites, desktop or mobile applications.

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TechDays NL 2017 – Conference Impression


Last two days Marcel Meijier, Fanie Reynders and I, the SDN Cast team, spent our time at the Dutch TechDays 2017 in the RAI conference center in Amsterdam to talk to technology specialists and build, just like last year, an impression video of the conference.

The conference is a two day high speed, drink from the firehose, technology event with a great selection of speakers and we had a great time, learning, networking and driving the Beam Robot Camera around at the venue.

We have been shooting many videos and footage with interviews, robot cam interactions and cherry on the cake – the impression video. We collected all the videos and assembled them into a nice short impression worth watchin, even if you didn’t make it to the conference. It is fun to watch so here it is:

It is hard work to get all the videos and equipment up and running, doubled our hours in double day shifts as our work also continues leaving not much time to sleep and catching up -both work and sleep- in the weekend.

There is however nothing more satisfying than being around a great bunch of people at a conferences like this. A couple of thousand or more developers walking around at ‘the show’, good company to be with.

We hope you like it as much as we do and see you at one of the next Software Development events where or whenever we are invited again.

SDN Cast 70 – SDN, Microsoft and Google Event News


Due to the third SDN Event last week on Friday October 6th we were a day early with our weekly Dutch SDN Cast. Usually we broadcast on Thursday but this week we had to shift things a bit, so we broadcasted on Wednesday. As usual we pick up our foreign speakers from the airport the day before the SDN Event and bring them to their hotel to stay the night.

You can’t ask the presenters to travel large distances all on one day, can’t you? For this reason, we moved the SDN Cast a day earlier and didn’t skip the web cast because you don’t want to miss the weekly news either don’t you agree? News just goes on and on, SDN Event or not.

And news there was … a lot of it! Besides the annual hardware event by Google there was the Microsoft Mixed Reality event the day before. Would it be a coincidence? Microsoft’s event was completely focused on Mixed Reality announcements. Some sort of a special on Mixed Reality headsets, HoloLens and MR software.

Other than the already announced headsets Microsoft this event showed off the new Samsung Mixed Reality headset that will become available soon. But more important was the vision Microsoft showed us with regards to the Mixed Reality future developments. All available in the soon to be released Fall Creators Update.

With this Fall Creators Update Microsoft will also include the Windows Mixed Reality home – the Cliff House. In this virtual space you can move and design the spaces with your apps and holograms.

Another thing that was announced is that Microsoft acquired AltSpaceVR and the SteamVR catalog will soon be available from the Mixed Reality world of Windows. Currently already available for developers in Preview.

Somewhat later, the day after, Google held its annual hardware event. Many of the details already leaked as we discussed last week, but now we officially were introduced to the announcements and no need to speculate over the details. A whole slew of new devices, the new Pixel 2, Google Home, Google Buds, Google Clips and the new Chromebook to name a few.

For both events I’ve added the links in the show notes below in this article so you can go back and watch the events again.

We haven’t decided yet what day we will go live with SDN Cast 71, maybe again on Wednesday but another option is live from the TechDays event in Amsterdam. Go to for more information on the exact date and time.

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Other news:

Meetup group .NET Oost

Azure – New Logo

Microsoft joins the Open Source Initiative

TypeScript Turns 5

Roslyn Primer – Part I: Anatomy of a Compiler

.NET Framework 4.7.1 Runtime and Compiler Features

The Book of the Runtime – The internals of the .NET Runtime that you won’t find in the documentation

The era of Windows Mixed Reality begins October 17

October 4th – Google Event
A few new things made by Google


Events this Week

Microsoft Mixed Reality Event

Google Pixel 2 Launch Event 2017 – Live Stream
Google Pixel 2 Launch Event 2017 – Live Stream

SDN Event 3 – October 6, Zeist, NL

OpenHack Amsterdam, October 9-11, Amsterdam

Upcoming events

Windows Developer Day – October 10, London, UK

TechDays October 12-13, 2017 RAI Amsterdam

SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2017, October 21, Brussels BE

SharePoint Unite – October 24-26, 2017, Haarlem

Azure OpenDev

Dev Intersection, October 30- November 2, Las Vegas!/

Firebase Dev Summit – Amsterdam – October 31st

Microsoft Future Decoded – London, UK – October 31st-November 1st

Azure IoT Community, November 2nd, Nieuwegein

Web Summit – November 6-9 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Visual Studio Live! November 12-17 2017 Orlando, FL

MixUG – Eindgebruikers Evenement – November 29 – Gouda

NgEurope, February 1-2, 2018 , Paris – France

MVP Summit 2018 – 4-7 Maart – Seattle

Global Azure Bootcamp – 21 April

Techorama, 22-24 mei 2018, Antwerpen, België

Experts Live 2018 – 19 Juni 2018

Ignite 2018 – 24-29 September 2018 – Orlando

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As you see, options enough to address your audience with top notch information. You can even, if you like, be our guest in our SDN Cast shows to discuss the projects you are working on or other topics you master. We will instruct you how to connect with us and what it is you need to join the show.

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SDN Event: Ted Neward – Busy Architect’s Guide to DevOps

SDN EVent - Ted Neward I

As usual (by now) , we will put some of our SDN Event sessions online on YouTube for the next couple of Sundays.

The first session that we recorded last Friday was the session by Ted Neward, a popular presenter from the Seattle Area (USA). If you watch the presentation you’ll see why.

Go over there and watch Ted’s session if you missed the session at our event or if you’ve attended the session but want to see it again:

Where to go to see the recording:


"Developer Operations", or its more commonly-known nickname, DevOps, has taken the industry by storm. Everywhere you turn, everybody wants to be doing DevOps. It’s the new black, the new normal, the thing that everybody clearly represents the next pinnacle in software development…. Except not everybody agrees on what it is, how to do it, or what benefits it will even provide you. In this presentation, we’ll deconstruct the whole "DevOps" movement, talk about what it really represents, how to get started with it, and perhaps most importantly of all, talk about what is realistic to expect out of it once you have actually managed to "DevOps All The Things!" within your company.

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Developer Tip – Google Developer Days Live Online


Right now live from Poland where Google is hosting their Google Developer Days Europe they are broadcasting some sessions and keynote live (and if you missed it the sessions will be online on YouTube afterwards)

Where can you find the live stream?

Enjoy the show!

SDN Event – Fanie Reynders – IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)

SDN Event - Fanie Reynders -IOT

The last recording in our series of SDN Event recordings that we publish from our 23rd of June SDN Event. This is the session by Fanie Reynders. Interaction with VSTS and a Raspberry PI in this recording called “IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)” will show you a sample of what you can do with IOT today.


Tired of the endless alerts spamming your team channels (especially e-mail) about the status of failed and successful builds? In this session, we are going to make use of Azure Functions, your favorite source-code repo (like VSTS) and a Raspberry Pi to create a simple lamp indicating the status of your builds on each check-in. Learn about how you can connect events driven from the cloud to the physical world using awesome tools available right now.

Fanie builds an application, loads it on the Raspberry PI and all of this in a session packed with code, explaining how to interact with the small IOT devices in a real life working demo! Well wa’do you know!

SDN Event – Fanie Reynders – IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)

Recordings previously released from the 23rd of June SDN Event.

If you missed the previous recording that we published the last couple of weeks you can still dive in and watch the sessions here online. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe:

SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Developing for Azure on a Mac

SDN Event – Richard Campbell – Saving The World One App at a Time

SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Getting Started building Visual Studio Code Extensions

SDN Event – Richard Campbell – Keynote: The Development Platform Landscape in 2017

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