SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Developing for Azure on a Mac

SDN Event Brady Gaster II - 800

In our series of SDN Event session recordings we published last Sunday our fourth recording from our 23rd of June SDN Event. This recording is the second session by Brady Gaster: “Developing for Azure on a Mac”


With the introduction of .NET Core, many developers who have previously been married to Windows to do their .NET development are now investigating other platforms. By the same token, many developers familiar to the Mac who have been unable to use .NET are now interested in trying it out but aren’t sure what tools they’ll need. This session will target both audiences and take an intermediate-level tour of how to get started developing .NET applications on a Mac using Visual Studio Code and a series of command-line utilities and extensions. We’ll also investigate how the Azure Tools Extension for Visual Studio Code can be useful when paired with the Azure Portal’s in-browser tools to make developing your Web, Mobile, and RESTful APIs on Azure easy, and how Azure Containers and Docker can bring true portability and flexibility to your DevOps story.

Brady takes you by the hand and shows you the tools you need to develop .NET Core and Azure solutions using a Mac. Using Visual Studio Code and the Azure Tools Extension for Visual Studio Code he goes through his ‘hands-on’ session packed with demos and only a few slides. A joy to watch!

SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Developing for Azure on a Mac

Recordings previously released from the 23rd of June SDN Event.

If you missed the previous recording that we published the last couple of weeks you can still dive in and watch the sessions here online. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe:

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SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Getting Started building Visual Studio Code Extensions

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Brady Gaster – Getting Started building Visual Studio Code Extensions

This Sunday our second recorded session went live that we recorded at our June SDN Event in Zeist (NL). Last week we had the keynote by Richard Campbell but this week is the first session of two by Brady Gaster:

SDN Event Brady Gaster-800

Visual Studio Code has been getting a lot of positive attention in our industry since its introduction. The small install size and speed of the product make it an attractive option for developers who want a better coding tool, but where VS Code really shines is in its ability to allow developers to extend it. In this session, you’ll be introduced to the idea of developing extensions for Visual Studio Code, walk through a few demos and get a glimpse of the object model in the product so that when you have an idea that begins with "I wish Visual Studio Code could…" you’ll have the knowledge and information you need to dive in and make the best little coding tool around do whatever you want.

We had Brady in our SDN Cast show number 36 last year where he introduced us to the Azure Tools for Visual Studio Code for the first time. This was a great introduction and we asked him to join us at our SDN Event and were very happy that he agreed to jump in to fly over all the way from Microsoft’s Seattle Area to our little country.

So here it is, his first session at the event – the second will follow in two weeks so stay tuned! Click the link above to watch the session in its full length.

You can even go over to Brady’s GitHub account to get the PowerPoint and notes for the session:

And if you still have questions, just ping him at Twitter account @bradygaster

There was only one thing that disappointed me, and that was that we didn’t even found time to discuss the musician in him. I’m a bass player myself so I’m sad we didn’t bring this up … oh well, a good reason to invite him again some other time Winking smile. A very social friendly guy and a pleasure to work with!

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