All about change

moving time, packing boxes to relocate …

Followers of my Soft as in Software YouTube channel ( or my Soft as in Software Twitch channel ( already know that I created a new WordPress hosted on Azure site to start a new Soft as in Software blog as well as a new Azure website. On the blog I will post updates on what happens in my multimedia world called Soft as in Software. In this Soft as in Software blog I will discuss the videos that I post on YouTube, or the Live Coding streams streamed on Twitch and YouTube (I’m restreaming my Live Coding sessions to both Twitch and YouTube).

The Soft as in Software website will become the main landing site containing pointers to my YouTube channel and all related projects around it.

The Soft as in Software Blog can be found either directly on the blog link: or indirectly via my, also new Soft as in Software website Both work in progress, to see how I’m progressing subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my Twitch channel as I will work on these sites live in my Live Loding sessions.

What does this mean for -this- blog? Well, I will keep using this for my personal rants, some comments on what is happening in my personal life and what is happening in the world. To avoid breaking all sorts of links and references I will keep my ‘old’ posts available on this blog, but I also ported these posts to my new Soft as in Software blog.

It will be a split in content. If you are interested in me as a person your best guess will be to stick with this blog. If you are more interested in the tech and multimedia posts following the ‘other’ blog is for you. On this other blog I will be discussing all sorts of topics like Azure, Programming Languages, Machine Learning but also for a large part my niche specialty: Office Development. These posts may vary from basic entry level to more advanced skilled topics in deep dives. I might even start ‘blogging’ my own books on some subjects.

With this move I hope to get better focused content related to both areas. No one will be waiting for stories about my kids growing up (they are close to becoming adults already, if only they would also start to act like an adult) or my opinions on COVID-19 in a tech blog and no one likes to know how to setup a self-hosted WordPress site or create a Blazor web assembly site on a personal blog with family or travel information.

Let me know in the comments what you think, and I hope to see you on either side maybe even on both sides! Obviously, you can both follow my personal blog and the tech blog if you like, I’m happy to see you in either place!

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