SDN Cast 57, Layoffs – Timeline – Window App Studio vs Windows Template Studio


Traditionally this week, the week of July 4th, is a quiet week. Many Americans have a small break to celebrate their national holiday. Not so quiet this week due to another tradition where Microsoft releases a press release for the start of the new fiscal year to announce all sorts of restructuring measures.

This time no press release, but the news was leaked from an internal memo. And not one without effects, the memo mentioned the release of thousands of sales (mostly international) people. This may sound as a high number, but on a total of 120,000 it is not that high – still very painful for the ones who concerns it and will be hit by the memo.

Another item emerged from the Interwebs last week. The rumor was spreading that Windows Timeline (“Pick up where you left off”) and the Cloud Clipboard (copy somewhere, paste everywhere) among other features were delayed and will not be released in the upcoming “Fall Creators Update” for Windows 10.

All of these features were announced by Microsoft at the biggest developer conference early this year allowing everyone to think that these features would be released at Redstone 3, aka “Fall Creators Update”.

Joe Belfiore, @joebelfiore, confirmed in a tweet that these features are delayed until somewhere next year.

On the area of developer news, it appeared that Windows App Studio is being sunset, in other words about to be canceled. As alternative, the at Build 2017 announced Windows Template Studio will be provided.

These and other news items (see below) we discussed in our Dutch SDN cast this week. As you may already know by now after over a year of weekly SDN Casts we discuss the latest news and events in the show.

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Other news:

Timeline delayed until after Fall Creators Update
But also Cloud Clipboard won’t be in there either.

Microsoft plans thousands of job cuts in a sales staff overhaul to fuel cloud growth

Windows Hello in Token, a biometric ring

Self-Service Deployment with Windows Autopilot

Windows App Studio being sunset

A Wiki preview on VSTS

Perf results on scaling Git on VSTS with GVFS

Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3 Preview

Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm

Microsoft’s acquisition of Cloudyn will help Azure customers manage and optimize their cloud usage

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Microsoft to acquire Linkedin


Microsoft announced they have bought LinkedIn for the measly amount of $26.2 billion. Here is the new text from Microsoft:

Microsoft Corporation and Linkedin Corporation announced Monday June 13th to have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkeIn for $196 per share in an all cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash. LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn, reporting to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Reid Hoffman, chairman of the board, co-founder and controlling shareholder of LinkedIn, and Weiner both fully support this transaction. The transaction is expected to close this calendar year.

It is not sure what the reasoning behind the takeover is, other than that captain Satya Nadella from Microsoft said it will complement their businesses. We’ll see what the future will bring with this acquisition.

For the complete news flash to read goto:

Open Live Writer – Windows Live Writer Open Sourced!


If you have been using Windows Live Writer to do your blogging you know it was a bit of a PITA to get this up and running on your current platform. Well, this now will change as Microsoft added this to their stack of Open Source software, to keep it alive and allow you to propose enhancements:

“Open Live Writer is an open source application enabling users to author, edit, and publish blog posts. It is based on a fork of the wellloved but not actively developed Windows Live Writer code. Open Live Writer is provided under a MIT license.”

If you read this it is the evidence that it works, as it is written using the download link to the Open Live Writer installer you can find here:


Go to the Open Live Writer website and read all the details, or even better … fork it and start working on it!

Have Fun!

Back to Blogs … Installing Live Writer 2012

I lost my blogging tools in the process of testing Windows 10 and or reinstalling machines. I now finally came to install Live Writer back on my machine.

I am working on getting my way around Office365 Development. It appears that developing using VBA and VSTO Add-ins is soooo year 2000, time to move forward Winking smile.

Well, the real story is that in my day job I’m still on VSTO but it probably doesn’t come as a surprise if I say that Microsoft already spent at least four years (plus) by now on creating a new Add-in platform that is ready to target X-Platform (Windows, IOS, Android) development.

They still have a long way to go, many items within the current (COM) object model still needs to be addressed, but as time is moving forward the Office Development Team is making great progress in adding new features every day hopefully in the end getting in par with the VSTO capabilities. And let’s be real, the Office365 scope of today is so much bigger than the scope of the ‘old’ Office.

Anyway, I got rebooted, and if you can read this I was able to get Live Writer 2012 installed and to be ready for future posts.

Oh, and this is how I installed Live Writer – in case you want to join me and start your own blog:

[Thanks to Stefan to help out here:]

VSTO Runtime Update (10.0.50325)

The Visual Studio Developer Division just announced a new version of the VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for the Office System) Runtime (10.0.50325).

One of the issues, the one when using WPF controls caused a massive delay in closing Office applications, I worked close with the team to test and get this solved. The issue also reported on Connect was a hard one to fix as it depended on many factors such as Touch Screen interfaces and appeared on previous versions of the Runtime.

The second issue addressed by this update covers the publisher’s name and verification status to show properly when using SHA256 code-signing certificates where the Trust Prompt at first displayed “Unknown Publisher” even when the publisher was fully trusted.

Read more about the Runtime Update at the blog from the VSTOTeam located at:
VSTO Runtime Update to Address Slow Shutdown and “Unknown Publisher” for SHA256 Certificates 

You can download the latest version of the VSTO Runtime at and will be distributed as part of Windows Update.

I for one am very happy to see this solved and released to the public. Our enterprise firm encountered the WPF issue on a large scale just after deploying our top of the bill new laptops to all of our users and would like to thank the VSTO Team for working with us to get this out of the way! We really spent a huge amount of hours in this to cover all the scenarios we could think of in both new and older (existing) add-ins.

Showtime: The Book Thief

The Book Thief

The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

The Book Thief is about a little girl, unable to read and write at her early years to be abandoned by her mother in times of war in the 1930’s. While living at her foster parents home she learns to read and write and especially gets the affection to read books. To be able to read books she steals (or borrows) the books and was called “The Book Thief” by one of her neighbor boys.

the perspective of a German family in war time isn’t used in many films. Especially a family giving shelter to a Jewish refugee in a city of Germany is a less common thing to project.

The movie is highly (maybe over-)dramatized, displaying some intense situations people had to go through when the world was at war. Although the level of dramatization could be a bit less overall it is a touching story. The girl playing Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nélisse) is a rising star and I think we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

I expected the movie, given the amount of nominations, to be somewhat better and rate it a high six out of ten.

Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft

Today Microsoft announced that Satya Nadella will be the new CEO of Microsoft following Steve Ballmer who announced last year to retire in 2014. With that, Satya asked Bill Gates to step back in, but with a different hat on -no not that hat– but as “Technical Advisor focusing on products and technologies”.

Instead of me telling all of this to you, it is probably better to let the board speak for itself and show you the official announcements as available on YouTube.

Steve Ballmer welcomes Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO

Microsoft Chairman John Thompson on CEO Satya Nadella

Bill Gates welcomes Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO

All great, these kind words and praise for the man, but what did he have to say for himself? Well, here is his first (short) interview as CEO of Microsoft:

In fact, I have met him (at a distance Glimlach ) earlier last year and the year before when he did his Keynote for the //Build conferences for the years of 2012 and 2013 in the role of President, Server and Tools Business.

Who would have expected that today he would be CEO of this huge worldwide company? Let’s see how he will do in the near future and how it will affect the current policies at Microsoft.

Showtime: La Grande Bellezza

La Grande Bellezza

The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

La Grande Bellezza (“The Great Beauty”) is a piece of art, the sceneries, panoramas or just the way it was filmed as a whole is just great. The story is about Jep Gambardella turned sixty-five and is overlooking his life trying to decide if his life had the quality level he wanted out of it, would he be able to write a new book worth reading meeting the quality bar. He once wrote a book and was successful with that one but lived his life after that as a highly respected journalist.

The images of Rome, the nightlife of nightclubs and parties and all of the extravaganza around it all is a joy to look at. The category of the film may be Film Art (and Art it is!) but is not the kind of movies stamped to be dull and boring. In fact I gladly surprised and even though the movie is not for ‘everyone’ on my list it proved to be a Great Beauty and allow it to get Nine out of Ten at least for being something completely different.

2013 MVP Global Summit Tips IV

So far we have seen in the 2013 MVP Global Summit Tips series what it is in general in Part I, a very important section on how to get around and what to use for transportation when you arrive at the airport in Part II while Part III covered some information about hotels, where to stay and how to get at your locations where the sessions are planned.

This section, part IV, is trying to cover some topics around finding your way in your ‘free’ time. Where to go and maybe get something to eat if you didn’t already get enough from eating the session snacks, welcome party food etc. etc.

Party Time

Besides interacting with your Product/Program Group the MVP Global Summit is all about networking, meeting new people. Other MVPs or Microsoft employees and maybe some local contacts.

The first and most obvious option at the MVP Global Summit are the scheduled evening events put together by the MVP Program. In general at an MVP Summit there are three types of evening events where you will get the opportunity not network and meet others that you can find in your schedule planner:

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception is in general planned at the first evening of the Summit. They will provide you with enough food and drinks to get around so although it is not staged as a full dinner you probably won’t feel the need to get out and have -another- eating event that night. This first event is mainly meant to be a social event to find others from your country, expertise or whatever works for you.

Product Group Dining

Another event is highly depending on the Product Group of your expertise. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of different events, some smaller events if your PG is a small team. Maybe going to a restaurant and have a PG dinner with members of the team. Or bigger dining areas are shared among more than one Product Group. You can imagine that groups like the Developer Division or the Windows group are large enough to fill up places like The Commons Mixer building and have a huge social event with just the developer geeks or the Windows dudes. It’s hard to tell you anything around these events as they are all in different locations, on and off campus, and with complete different groups of people. Just wait and see what is going on in your expertise area. Maybe nothing … if that’s the case there are plenty of other options to get around in the Bellevue area.

MVP Party

The third, and main event is often the MVP party. A large venue to go to with -all-, yes -all- attendees and a lot of PG members from Microsoft. These events are never the same, sometimes (how can’t it be after 20 years of MVP) the same venue but food, music and fun things to do are never the same. This is the main planned event to have fun after a full day of information and listening.

Party Transportation

So, you had a couple of drinks while eating … should you hire a cab? No! Same as with the sessions transportation between the event venues and hotels (at least the hotels available and booked through the MVP site) are all arranged for. You can just drag your tired body into the bus and wait for the driver to call your hotel. Hop off and go to bed! Easy as that.

Unofficial events

Besides the events arranged and scheduled by the MVP Program Group there are several other events going on outside the scope of the MVP Global Summit. There are MVP’s organizing their ‘own’ events like the famous Party with Palermo or events by the big software and courseware boys Telerik, Pluralsight and lots and lots of other events. Some of the events are restricted to smaller groups of ‘Insiders’ others are available on a first come first serve base where only so much tickets are available.

For a quick overview of events identified there is a small website available called MVPSummitEvents. A long list of events, where the art is to find someone to get you an invite. Best option to get is is often to ask a veteran MVP, someone who has been there for years already. Maybe he/she has another ticket left and you could be the lucky one!

Parties Only?

So if you read all of this you may think that the MVP Global Summit is all about partying, eating, drinking and sleeping. I can tell you it is NOT. The main part of the Global MVP Summit is still hard work, interacting with your product groups, discussing technical issues, giving your view of what you think is completely wrong and should be changed or showing the areas where they really did the right thing in your opinion. The Product Group wants to hear from you in this week stuffed with sessions. It’s all about feedback and learning from your peers and Microsoft technicians.

But be careful, if you are asked NOT to share information on specific items, topics or subjects not ready to share to the outside world you just can not talk to anyone about it.

If you break that trust there is a big chance this was your last MVP Global Summit you ever visited. But even worse, you also spoilt it for the ones privileged to be invited for the -next- MVP Global Summit because the team might be holding back on information until the group of MVP’s earned a new level of trust. So don’t do it, keep it to yourself, study the information you received and learn from it.

What’s Next

I am quite busy, so not sure if I can write you another post before I’ll be flying over the ocean but I want to try to at least share another post on shopping in the Bellevue area. So hang in there … and if not … have fun at YOUR MVP Global Summit in about a week from now!

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