SDN Cast 53 – ARM, CShell, WWDC and news week 23

SDNCast 53-800

Developments are going fast, according to the rumors from the market that is. There already was the pre-recorded video at Build 2017 about Windows on ARM, this weeks announcement by Qualcomm on full Windows 10 PCs running on its Snapdragon 835 ARM processor with built-in LTE for “Always Connected” devices (

Intel quickly followed with a statement suggesting that certain 3rd parties might have been using their patents without their consent.

At the same time videos appeared online showing the new Windows interface called CShell. CShell has options to scale the user interface depending on the device the applications are running on. A smaller device will adapt to a mobile like interface where on full scale systems all details will emerge. All devices will get their most optimized view.

Overall it seems that a new Windows mobile devices is rising but not with Windows Mobile but with the full version of Windows that will also be running on full PC ARM devices as mentioned above. Devices have been announced, in the official prerecorded video by Microsoft and also in other videos to be arriving Q4 this year already! In other words, ready for Holiday Season 2017…

Besides speculating on this, we also discussed the news items presented at the Apple Developer Conference WWDC 2017. We are talking about the new devices, upgrades to the iMac Pro, HomePod, AIKit APIs and more. So our Dutch speaking viewers get updated in about an hour on the latest news and event updates.

If you are in the neighborhood also don’t forget that our next SDN Event is close. At June 23rd we will have our second SDN Event this year with, as always, a great set of sessions and speakers. A slightly changed program this time, we will start with a generic keynote by Richard Campbell. After that the regular sessions start.

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Other news:

Announcing Availability of SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview

Open Sourcing the Microsoft Graph Explorer

Performance Improvements in .NET Core

Android Developer Preview 3

Android O APIs are final, get your apps ready!

First Look at CShell on a Windows phone (Exclusive)

Intel seemingly hints of potential patent infringement around x86 emulation on ARM

Important information on the closing of


This week’s events

WWDC 2017 – June 5-9, 2017 – San José

DevSum 17 – June 8-9, 2017 – Stockholm

Next Week events

Goto Amsterdam – June 12-15

Microsoft Data Insights Summit – June 12-13, 2017 – Seattle

NDC Oslo – June 12-16, 2017 – Oslo

E3 – June 13-15, 2017 – Los Angeles Convention Center

Global Devops Bootcamp June 17

Upcoming events

Office365 Engage – June 19-22 – Haarlem

Google Cloud Next – June 21 – Kromhouthal – Amsterdam

SDN Event 2 – Zeist – June 23, 2017

Inspire July 9-13 – Washington D.C.

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

SDN Event 3 – Zeist, NL – October 6, 2017

TechDays – October 12-13, 2017 RAI Amsterdam

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SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview now available

SharePoint Framework Extensions Preview

Today the Office Team announced the availability of the SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview. With this you can build site, list and command extensions.

To start building your own Extension Preview projects you can go and start looking at the Preview documentation. If you don’t already have an Office 365 Developer Tenant you can get one if you go to the Office Developer Program so there is no argument not to start using that.

The preview is obviously meant to serve as a way to collect feedback from the community and while the preview is running you can expect new SharePoint Framework Extension capabilities and changes based on your feedback.

If you want to provide your feedback you can do this by adding issues to the GitHub issues list but on the SharePoint tech community, the SharePoint Developer section on the Microsoft Tech Community site.

To give you an impression of what the SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview brings, here are three:

1. Build your own Custom Banner using the ApplicationCustomizer.

Adding a Custom Banner is now one of your options to build your own banner with exactly the information you want to share on your list page.

1. Custom Banner SP

2. Create your own Custom Field Rendering using the FieldCustomizer.

In this example you see that the fields of the list are blurred to hide sensitive list information.

2. Custom Field Rendering SP

3. Adding Command Extensions with CommandSet

With this option you can add your own custom menu actions to be able to trigger your own custom actions.

3. Custom Extensions

If you are looking for more examples (extensions examples will be added soon) for what you can do with SharePoint there is a special SharePoint Showcase site for you to look at and to enjoy all the great options and examples.

Now go ahead, and build your own Extensions using the SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview!

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