SDN Cast 52, live from Madrid, news for week 22

In this week’s SDN Cast (week 22) we connected live to Madrid – Spain, where I attended the MVP Community Event. Between sessions and eating at a restaurant in the Real Madrid Stadium I quickly escaped the group for a moment to give you our weekly report and to sit with Marcel Meijer and Fanie Reynders to present you with the latest news and upcoming events. A show with a sunny Spanish touch.

One of the interesting events for this week is the Computex 2017 event where Microsoft not only announced new products but also presented their vision on “Always Connected Devices”.

The “Always Connected” topic wasn’t their first time, Bill Gates mentioned that years earlier, but this time in a way where devices have integrated their SIMs, so called eSIMs. These are provider independent chips/SIMs installed in your machine and enables you to connect to one or more supported mobile providers. There won’t be a vendor lock with this and allows you to switch providers as you like.

With this you will turn all your devices into phone. This means that your small tablet form factor can act like a phone, but also with larger devices you can turn your device in a phone (note: not like Skype is doing using the internet, but using the 4G/LTE services from your mobile provider).

It’s an interesting development and we might see in this what Microsoft has in mind for mobile phones. Up to now we were kept into the dark on any plans or roadmap for Windows Mobile.

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News from the show:

Reactive Extensions v4 Preview 1

Announcing the preview of Azure’s Largest Disk sizes

Getting started with the Video Indexer API

.NET Framework May 2017 Cumulative Quality Update for Windows 10

Evolving TFS/Team Services build automation capabilities

Microsoft highlights ecosystem growth and innovation at Computex 2017 with Windows 10 devices


Last week’s events

Techorama – May 22-24 2017 – Antwerpen, Belgium

Scott Guthrie’s Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour ’17

This week’s events

WWDC 2017 – June 5-9, 2017 – San José

Upcoming events

Global Devops Bootcamp June 17

DevSum 17 – June 8-9, 2017 – Stockholm

Goto Amsterdam – June 12-15

Microsoft Data Insights Summit – June 12-13, 2017 – Seattle

NDC Oslo – June 12-16, 2017 – Oslo

E3 – June 13-15, 2017 – Los Angeles Convention Center

Office365 Engage – June 19-22 – Haarlem

Google Cloud Next – June 21 – Kromhouthal – Amsterdam

SDN Event 2 – Zeist – June 23, 2017

Inspire July 9-13 – Washington D.C.

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

SDN Event 3 – Zeist, NL – October 6, 2017

TechDays – October 12-13, 2017 RAI Amsterdam

Call for speakers/writers

As usual we are always looking for presenters for our own events and Meetup’s so if you want to share something about hot technologies or just about something you implemented at work or in an App that could be interesting to our audience let us know so we can schedule you for one or our next SDN events or Dutch .NET Group Meetups.

This off course also goes for if you want to write a great article for us to publish in our SDN Magazines or at our SDN Website. The downside of publishing a magazine article is that there can be some time between writing the article and publishing the magazine. So, if it is time critical sometimes the best option is to publish it on the website to get more speedy attention to the article.

As you see, options enough to address your audience with top notch information. You can even, if you like, be our guest in our SDN Cast shows to discuss the projects you are working on or other topics you master. We will instruct you how to connect with us and what it is you need to join the show.


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SDN Conference September 2015

Friday September 11th we are organizing another Dutch SDN Event for 2015 in The Netherlands. With four full tracks of sessions hosted in Zeist in the Achmea Conference Center on:

Microsoft Band – Roy Jansen

Microservices – Dennis van der Stelt

Reverse Engineering and security analyses – Michiel van der Sluis

DevOps and ALM – Hassan Fadili

A special ‘track’, a couple of sessions, on PowerShell with Claus Nielsen from Denmark and Eric Tummers

Cross Platform Development – Klaas Polinder

Extensibility with Chrome apps – Fanie Reynders

Windows Azure SQL Databases – Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski

OWIN – Dennis Doomen

SQL Server Source Control in the Cloud Era  – Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski

Distributed Systems principles – Dennis van der Stelt

Azure Websites – Eelco Koster

TIdTCPClient – Herbert Schrama

REST Web Services with XML – Bob Swart

and last but not least Stephen Ball talking about:

Azure Translator Services with Delphi

IoT and Delphi

InterBase XE7 & Change Views

In other words a lot to go and see in one day! For the full descriptions and to register, visit our SDN Event page:

Make sure you will be there, not only to learn but to network with peers as well or get your printed copy of the SDN Magazine!. See you there!

Last call for SDN Magazine Copy

SDN Magazine

If you would like to see your article in print, this is your chance. We are about to close the gate and getting ready to assemble the next SDN Magazine so if you have some copy to print on your desk still hot enough to put in print in the magazine contact @MarcelMeijer or @aafvstam (me) to get your article in.

Obviously when you miss the deadline, we are always looking for new articles, we just shift ‘em to the next one if you are too late :-).

The SDN Magazine is mostly Dutch but if you want to provide an English article that is OK too, as long as the article is Software Development related we are happy to serve that to our readers.

Showtime: The Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is this crazy movie based on the true story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo diCaprio) working his way up on Wall Street from nothing to a successful stockbroker. It completely gets out of hand and turns into a world full of drugs, corruption, crimes and fighting the federal system.

The movie starts where Jordan starts to make big money and building his little empire of stockbrokers and at a point making millions in just minutes. Not knowing what to do with all the money he and his buddies try to think of all sorts of crazy things to do just to get rid of the money as it comes in faster than they can spend.

To be honest, the registration of all of this crazy stuff tends to be a bit boring after some time. You get used to all the crazy things, naked people running around, parties and other weird stuff and start waiting to get to the second part of the movie where Jordan actually gets into trouble with the federal government as some of the ways to earn more money wasn’t exactly done how it should be done.

The story was mostly told by Jordan and you are experiencing the things he is doing from within his head hearing his thoughts (somewhat like Stranger than Fiction, did you get to see that one?). One of the nice aspects in the movie is showing the differences between what Jordan thinks and what is compared to what happened in ‘the real -sober- world’. Martin Scorsese did a great job making this a movie with a lot of extravaganza in the world of excessive stockbrokers. Not a thrill but a joy to watch and spend a couple of hours in another space. I rate the movie Eight out of Ten, but maybe just a bit jealous seeing all that money :-).

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